Quick Chicken puffs

I tried making one of the best savory treats that is Chicken puffs. At first I was a bit afraid about how they would turn out to be. But this is how they looked 😀 You would need Ingredients Ready made puff pastry (Got mine from Carrefour frozen section) Boiled chicken breast 250 grams One… Continue reading Quick Chicken puffs


Nutella Cinnamon French Toasts

Mmmmm... who doesn't like some sweet treats? that too with aroma of cinnamon and goodness of Nutella. Yesterday in breakfast I decided to make this yummilicious creation. Pictures doesn't do justice to this. I am not really a measurement person I like throwing ingredients in by instinct 😀 but, posting for you all. So you… Continue reading Nutella Cinnamon French Toasts