MaxFactor Influenster Voxbox Product Review

I was lucky enough to be part of first official Influenster middle east voxbox campaign. Want to know what Influenster is about? Download the app and see for yourself. Through Influenster you can get free full sized products for reviewing. All you have to do is review them on the app. So, The Maxfactor voxbox… Continue reading MaxFactor Influenster Voxbox Product Review


Experience “The Method” by celebrity stylist Rossano Ferretti

After having more then 20 salons around the globe. Celebrity hair stylist Rossano Ferretti has opened his hair spa in Abu Dhabi. With celebrity clientele including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton and Salma Hayek, Rossano Ferretti has salons in Rome, Madrid, LA, Monaco, New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Dubai and now Abu Dhabi. I was invited to experience the… Continue reading Experience “The Method” by celebrity stylist Rossano Ferretti


L’Oreal – Detox and Brighten mask Review

With all the craze of face masks, Clay mask specially charcoal ones gets all our attention. I have tried many masks until now because who can resist relaxation time and self pampering. Social Media has recently hyped about L'Oreal new Detox and brighten mask. I thought of giving it a try. So, here's my review… Continue reading L’Oreal – Detox and Brighten mask Review