All you need to know about Balayage & highlights/ My experience @glamoursalon UAE

Hola & welcome again to a fresh article at my blog. I have been out of sight since, I was travelling. :$ So yes! your girl got her hair colored again and this time it’s Balayage. Like every other girl I was also confused between balayage & highlights. Don’t worry I got you.

First lets learn the difference between these two.

  • Balayage: a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Not from root but gradually color is applied in free manner. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks.
  • Highlight: Color is applied from root, making proper partitions & using foils.

Why I choose balayage?  Its more natural soft looking, requires less maintenance since roots don’t need a touch up often. Less damaging because color is not applied directly to root.. So go for balayage I say 😀

I know I know, Lets get to the point? From where I got my hair done. Right!

Sharing my experience with you all. I was invited to try hair makeover using Affinage professional colors which are now launched in UAE exclusively at glamour salon. Check more of affinage at its website. Listing a few amazing properties of this range.

· Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology
· Shea Butter & Argan Oil add protection, suppleness & incredible shine for 
  beautiful, healthier looking hair
· More than 90% naturally derived ingredients, obtained from sustainable & 
  renewable sources
· Ultra-low ammonia, from just 0.2%*
· Unlimited color results
· Flawless 100% white hair coverage
· Advanced Anti-Fade Technology with UV Filters


Once I reached the Salon, I was warmly welcomed by courteous staff. Discussed my hair color with Siren, Hair director who visited from UK only for affinage launch. I was a soft caramel balayage which would keep my hair looking natural but still a good caramel shine.

Instantly I was attended & Siren started doing her magic on my hair. She started to apply color with such grace & very professionally. Quickly my whole head was done. I was amazed by their method having timers for each client listening to their choices etc.

While I waited I was served a coffee with a smile. After the time was passed my hair were washed.

Then a toner was applied to tone down color. I really appreciated how Siren & everyone knew exactly what I wanted and was comforting me all the time since, It was my first time having balayage. I have got hair dyed before, one thing which I noticed was extremely different this time was no pungent smell when color was on my hair. Every time I have got dye in past,  the color would smell pungent & chemical like but, with affinage there was no such odor yes because they have very less amonia. (bonus point :D)

After washing my hair I got it blow dried and set.



Are you ready to see my luscious locks? (Change in light may differ pictures). Check below.

The color is so so glossy & gave a shine to my hair. Done professionally to perfection. Book your appointments too if you want a hair makeover. I trust glamour salon affinage range & will go back again. If you are daring they have all the color for your unicorn soul ❤

Below are few click of me enjoying my hair balayage in Georgia 🙂

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